Ilm Intensive 19: What the Living can do for the Dead

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Sat, Nov 18 2017 1:00 PM Sun, Nov 19 2017 4:00 PM


This course is based on the textbook: What the Living can do for the Dead-according to the Quran & Sunnah with opinions of the classical scholars of Islam.

This is a detailed, yet easily accessible, manual and course teaching the student on what to do when someone dies. It covers the procedures due before and  upon a person’s death. The rites of preparing the body for burial, the bathing, the shrouding, and the procedure for funeral prayer, according to all four Sunni schools, are discussed. Other important subject matter on the topic of Bidah, donating to the deceased, atonements, debts and expiations of the deceased and wishing for death are also addressed and will be clarified


  • Is it permitted to transport the body abroad for burial?
  • Can a headstone be placed on the grave?
  • What can the heirs do for their deceased loved ones after burial?
  • What are the etiquette for visiting graves?
  • Is the posthumous donation of reward (isal al-thawab) permissible?
  • How does one make atonements and expiations and settle debts on behalf of the deceased?
  • Islamic ruling on euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • Bidah: Explained with examples
  • Verdict on Exhuming the body
  • The many things you can do for your deceased parents
  • Fiqh of funeral prayer and burial
  • Funeral of a still born
  • Organ donation: Yes or no?
  • Funeral prayer for the one who has committed suicide
  • Funeral prayer for the deceased in absentia (Salat al Ghaib)


What the Living can do for the Dead

A 2 day Ilminar  empowering the student on Prophetic counsel regarding what the Living can do for the Dead and how to prepare your children and family for your own death. Saturday November 18th, 1-6 pm and Sunday November 19th, 11-4 pm.

Early Bird special: Register by October 16th -$60.00 --After October 16th -$75.00 Price includes the textbook ($21.00 value), 2 lunches and an informational package.


This course will be taught by highly qualified Ulama & Scholars who will combine lecture, interactive learning through activity, readings from the textbook, and self-reflection. The scholars present will be:

  • Mufti Abdul Mannan - from Windsor, Ontario
  • Shaykh Abdullah Tilly from Calgary, Alberta
  • Shaykh Hasan Abdullah - from Toronto, Ontario


The title of the book is : What the Living Can Do For the Dead.

Table of Contents:

An Excerpt:

Review of the textbook:

“A very good blend of classical scholarship with modern information that is sure to educate.”
—Dr. Omer Hasem El-Hamdoon, President, Muslim Association of Britain

“Indeed, an important reference point for all on this subject that concerns us all.”
—Dr Mansur Ali, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Cardiff University


There is an age restriction for this weekend intensive due to the nature of content. All attendees must be over the age of 16, with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please do not plan to bring children or pre-teens to this event as the attendees and content deserve an environment free from distraction.

Thank you for your understanding in the matter,

Your Ilm Intensive Team